Cavern Diver


Cavern divers can dive within the light zone and 40 meters/130 feet total distance from the surface. They know cavern navigation and line protocols, planning, organization, techniques, problems and hazards of cavern diving. Cavern divers use special equipment use, such as lights, guidelines, reels and redundant breathing systems. They can handle air sharing, disorientation, silting, line problems and other emergency procedures specific to cavern diving. They also are skilled in silt prevention, buoyancy control, air management, and emergency procedures.

Prerequisites for Course:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Be certified as an Advanced Open Water diver

Gear you need to provide:

  • You will need to have your own basic gear: ie: mask, fins, booties, and snorkel. The rest of the gear, like the BC, regulator, wetsuit and weights are available for rental.

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