Open Water


This is the most popular course we do! Our class size is limited to 2 to 8 students per instructor. When we have large groups, which is often in the summer months, we just bring out more experienced instructors to keep the student to instructor ratio small.

Normal Class Schedule
During a normal class flow (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) your schedule will break down like this:

Classroom 6:30pm

Pool 6:30pm

Open Water Dive (time dependant on activity and tides)

Open Water Dive (time dependant on activity and tides)

What it is:
This is a lifelong certification! The open water course enables you to dive anywhere in the world (to a depth of 60 feet/18 meters!), it is your ticket to see the amazing underwater world, and will give you experiences and adventures you will remember for the rest of your your life.

Agencies we teach for:
We teach for the finest Scuba Agencies!
Unlike nearly all scuba shops, Stuart SCUBA teaches for multiple agencies to give their student divers ALL the training options available. Each agency has it’s ‘claims for fame’, but all three of these agencies have very comprehensive academic materials and standards. We are proud to teach for all of them!

Who is teaching you?
Stuart SCUBA seasoned instructors have years of experience teaching basic, advanced, technical, cave, public safety, and even scuba instructors at all levels. All the Stuart SCUBA instructors have more than the basic training required to teach scuba. They are EXPERIENCED divers!


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