As your motivation to explore progresses you will find that you may want to go deeper to dive that wreck that is part of history or that cave system that you have read so much about.  One of the major limiting factors of going deeper is narcosis. At Stuart Scuba we use several agencies to provide our educational programs including NAUI,SDI,TDI, and PADI.

The TDI/SDI Program

 TDI’s Trimix Diver course shows how to minimize the effects of narcosis by adding helium to offset the nitrogen in your breathing gas. While taking the Trimix Diver course your TDI Instructor will teach you how to plan and execute dives utilizing as little as 18 percent oxygen and diving to maximum depth of 60 m/200 feet with a blend of helium appropriate for the planned depth. The course covers topics and skills like

  • Dive team planning
  • Gas matching
  • Cylinder labeling
  • Surface marker deployment
  • Equipment configuration
  • Thermal protection options

The NAUI Program

The NAUI Trimix Diver course provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to minimize the risks of utilizing helium-based trimix breathing gas mixtures for dives to depths not exceeding 200 fsw (61 msw) requiring staged decompression and utilizing EANx mixtures and/or oxygen during decompression.

Learn how to plan and execute technical dives that require stage decompression and utilize helium-based trimix breathing gas mixtures with EANx as a travel gas and oxygen for decompression to depths not exceeding 200 fsw (61 msw).

You must be at least 18 years of age to enroll in a NAUI Trimix Diver course. You must also be a certified NAUI Technical Decompression Diver (or its equivalent), and have a minimum of 100 logged dives with at least 20 decompression dives.

The PADI Program

 The PADI Tec Trimix Diver course is intended to extend the depth range of technical divers already trained and qualified to use air, enriched air and oxygen for technical decompression dives beyond 50 metres/165 feet. Diving with trimix is the outer edge of tec diving – the maximum depth for using this technology has yet to be defined.

This course is for Tec 50 or Tec Trimix 65 (or those holding a qualifying certification from another training organization). The course extends your depth range capabilities by training you to use trimix (a blend of helium, oxygen and nitrogen).

You will

  • Plan and execute between three to eight dives (depending upon whether you enter the course as a Tec 50 diver or Tec Trimix 65 diver) using EANX and trimix blends
  • Use decompression software to create custom dive tables and dive plans
  • Make training dives as deep as 90 metres/300feet



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